Масляный смазочный агрегат LubriLean Basic
минимальное количествос распылениемдля мехобработки металлов

масляный смазочный агрегат
масляный смазочный агрегат
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минимальное количество, с распылением
Место применения
для мехобработки металлов, для фрезерного станка


SKF LubriLean Basic minimal quantity lubrication system consists of a lubricant reservoir, one or more mixture regulation units and lubricant lines with spray nozzles. The compressed air fed to the system pressurizes the lubricant reservoir resulting in the lubricant being transported separately (= dual ducts) through a system of ducts and lines to the spray nozzle. The aerosol required at the process point is produced at the nozzle outlet by the Venturi principle. Carrier air flowing past the oil outlet sweeps the lubricant along with it and turns it into extremely fine lubricant particles. The concentric oil/air flow that results from this special design keeps the jet from expanding and causes the aerosol to be delivered to the process spot with pinpoint accuracy. As a result, contamination of the surroundings with excess aerosol is successfully prevented. Features and benefits Easy to retrofit Simple adaptation Fast response High process reliability No dripping nozzles after shutdown Large spray distances achievable (up to 300 mm) Small amount of jet spray Better surface finish No lubricant residue on workpiece or chips Greater workplace safety and environmental hygiene Fast amortization of system due to longer tool lives applications Drilling, milling, broaching, tapping, thread forming Universal milling machines Applications with up to eight lubrication points



LubriLean product brochure
LubriLean product brochure
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